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POS Integrations


Enhance your business operations through seamless POS integrations. Utilize technology to efficiently automate your business needs, from order to delivery. Enable powerful integrations with your POS, partnering with multiple service providers in your region.

Moreover, integrating your POS system with WordPress centralizes customer data management. Track purchases, preferences, and contact information, leveraging insights for targeted marketing campaigns. Strengthen customer relationships and drive sales growth with this data-driven approach. Our services encompass Clover Integration and Square Integration.

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Website360’s Clover integration ensures accurate online orders, eliminating the need for manual copying. This streamlines your operations and increases revenue by tapping into new sales channels, serving more satisfied customers.

How we can help you manage your business better, faster, and smarter. Get in touch and we’ll give you a free demo so you can see the website360 platform in action.

Clover Integration in Action Here’s how our Clover integration works: Website360 establishes a connection between your online order and delivery channels and your Clover POS.  Orders made on a variety of delivery platforms are then aggregated directly to your Clover POS system. You get a complete overview of all your orders on one device. Thanks to our two-way integrations, you can also sync online menus directly from your Clover POS.

The best Square POS + ecommerce integration

Quickly add all your products It takes just a few clicks to import your product catalog from Square to BigCommerce. After that, our two-way inventory sync automatically keeps everything up to date and in near real-time. Expand your global reach

BigCommerce supports 250+ local currencies in over 129 countries, so you can sell anywhere your customers shop.

Customize without complexity Customize your store from first touch to checkout with our flexible platform and open APIs. Build beautiful experiences with easy-to-use design tools and themes with HTML, CSS and JavaScript built in.

Manage shipping easily Leverage trusted shipping partners like ShipStation, ShipperHQ, and FedEx to access discounted shipping rates, label printing, and real-time rates.

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Securing Customer Data Choose Point of Sale System

When using Point of Sale (POS) systems, security is a major concern. It’s crucial to protect customer data. Your POS software gets regular updates and has strong security features. These features act as a shield, stopping cyber-attacks and fraud. Beyond making transactions easier, a POS system keeps your business safe from security breaches. The software’s flexibility ensures ongoing security, letting you work confidently while keeping customer info secure.

The dynamic nature of POS software underscores the ongoing commitment to security, enabling you to operate confidently while ensuring the safety of valuable customer information.

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